PAST LIVES Genealogy & Social History Consultancy Services
PAST LIVESGenealogy & Social History Consultancy Services

Our Professional Services

PAST LIVES offers professional genealogy and/or social history services, each designed to suit your specific requirements. You can depend on our long-term experience to find the right solution for you –  confidently, quickly and without complication. 


We can combine genealogy, social history, and even house history research to produce a comprehensive report on your ancestors' lives. If required, we can include, for  example,  a detailed study of your ancestors' occupations, their locality, even their specific houses if possible. These aspects all provide our clients with a more complete picture of who their ancestors were - how they lived, and how they died.


All research commissions begin with a detailed consultation to discuss the research you want PAST LIVES to undertake. This can take place either face-to-face or online depending on your location.


Genealogy and social history research, however, is not an exact science. Records may have been lost over the years or details of your ancestors - for one reason or another - may never have been recorded. We usually recommend, therefore, that you begin with the Bronze Package  (see below) which enables us to make a preliminary study - at a fixed price  - to determine whether or not relevant resources are available to continue with your specified requirements.

Our Research Packages

Bronze Package: £200

Our Bronze Package provides eight hours of preliminary research that will indicate whether or not there are sufficient records available for PAST LIVES to undertake more extensive research on your behalf. At the end of that time we will discuss the results of that research with you and provide you with a report of our findings. Together, we can then decide how best to proceed to reach your desired outcome.

A Bronze Package can be commissioned for each of the following research areas:

  • Family History
  • Social History - specific occupations, localities, etc
  • House History

You can combine Bronze Packages as follows:

  • any two from the above list for £385 allowing 16 hours of preliminary research
  • all three of the above for £565 with 24 hours of preliminary research.


Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages:

These packages comprise detailed research into family,  social, or house histories. These can be commissioned individually or in combination (see below).The duration of the research undertaken is based on both mutual agreement and regular consultation between ourselves and our clients as the specific projects proceed. At each stage, a report is produced that details the searches made and the results from such searches and, as always occurs with such research, what cannot be found.  By working in stages, the costs are broken down to better suit various budgets, and our services can be put on hold for a time if necessary. This enables PAST LIVES to offer a professional service that is tailored to the precise requirements of our clients.


Silver Package - one research project of your choice from either family, social, or house histories.

Gold Package -  your choice of any two of the above subject areas; for example, a study of your family history in combination with a detailed survey and report of the occupations of your ancestors at particular time periods or in specific localities, or of the house and area in which they lived.

Platinum Package - all three of the above subject areas.


Costs are based on which of the packages you chose and the complexities of your requirements. We charge a standard hourly rate for research plus itemised expenses where necessary; for example, if you require documents to be purchased for inclusion in the reports. Initial consultations (up to one hour), to determine the specific research to be carried out, are free of charge.


'Trouble-Shooting' Package: £150

This package is offered to those who wish to undertake their own family, social or house history research but, at some point or other, hit the proverbial 'brick wall'. We charge a set fee which allows you to call on our services whenever the need arises for a maximum of six hours consultation or research by PAST LIVES.







































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